The ten Sector Working Groups (SWGs) are the key coordination platforms for each thematic area of development in Lao PDRs Round Table Process. They are led by the Government and include development partners, civil society organisations and representatives from the private sector.

The groups serve as discussion forums, aim to build consensus on development priorities, and make development cooperation more effective, as set out in the Vientiane Declaration of 2015. A relevant Ministry chairs each group while development partners, based on their expertise, serve as co-chairs. The Department for International Cooperation in the Ministry of Planning and Investment acts as an overall coordinating agency. The Department also manages the meetings of SWG Chairs and Co-Chairs.

Overview of Sector Working Groups and their Sub-Sector Working Groups
Health SWG 
Chair: Ministry of Health; Co-Chairs: Embassy of Japan / World Health Organisation (WHO)

♦ Health Planning and Finance
♦ Human Resources
♦ Mother and Child Health and Nutrition
♦ Health Care
♦ Food and Drug
♦ Hygiene and Health Promotion

Education SWG
Chair: Ministry of Education and Sports; Co-Chairs: Embassy of Australia / Delegation of the European Union

♦ Basic Education
♦ Post-Basic Education
♦ Education Management, Administration and Performance Assessment
♦ Education Research and Analysis
♦ Sports

Governance SWG 
Chairs: Ministry of Home Affairs / Ministry of Justice; Co-Chair: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

♦ Public Service Improvement
♦ Legal and Institutional Oversight

Infrastructure SWG 
Chair: Ministry of Public Works and Transport; Co-Chairs: Embassy of Japan / Asian Development Bank (ADB) / World Bank (WB)

♦ Infrastructure Development
♦ Transport
♦ Water Sanitation and Urban Development

Mine Action and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) SWG
Chair: Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare; Co-Chairs: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) / U.S. Embassy

♦ Clearance
♦ Victim Assistance
♦ Mine Risk Education

Illicit Drug Control SWG
Chair: Ministry of Public Security; Co-Chairs: Embassy of Japan / Embassy of Australia / United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

♦ Drug
♦ Crime

Agriculture and Rural Development SWG
Chair: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Co-Chairs: Embassy of France / French Development Agency (AFD) / Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

♦ Agro-biodiversity
♦ Agri-business
♦ Forestry
♦ Rural Development
♦ Policy Think Tank

Natural Resource Management & Environment SWG
Chair: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Co-Chairs: Embassy of Germany / World Bank (WB)

♦ Land
♦ Geology and Minerals
♦ Water Resource
♦ Disaster, Climate Change and Environment

Macroeconomics SWG
Chair: Ministry of Planning and Investment; Co-Chairs: Asian Development Bank (ADB) / World Bank (WB)

There are no Sub-Sector Working Groups for this SWG.

Trade and Private Sector SWG
Chair: Ministry of Industry and Commerce; Co-Chairs: Embassy of Germany / Delegation of the European Union

There are no Sub-Sector Working Groups for this SWG.