Training on Programme and Financial Management of UNFPA

Financial Findings- How to address and avoid them

Internal Control Findings- How to address and avoid them
01-Example of Itemized Cost Estimate for WP budgeting

activity proposal

activity report_ADV

F03_receipt voucher


F05_Cash disbursement voucher


F06_adv follow-up sheet

F07_monthly expense sum

F08_bank reconcile

F9 _ F10 Financial report of completed activity

F10_adv settlement summary_revised21May22 presentation

F11_registration time sheet for IP employee


F12_DSA payment sheet


F16_receipt acknowledgement letter

F17_refund letter lao

F17_refund letter

F18_OFA clearance form_used by sub-sub-IP

Field Office Procurement Request Form (3)

Form C.1 Asset Management for physical count

Form C.2_Asset Management for year end report

Vendor performance evaluation form
03 Session – DCT Cash Advances Lao

05 Session – DCT Expense Reports_Lao

06 Session – Reimbursement_Lao
0.Procurement Plan 2019 – template (1)

0477 .Loas PDR Public Instruction on Implementation of the Procurement Law_English[25]

0477a¦üa¦ç2019 (1)

a¦Üa¦+a¦öa¦Üa¦¦a¦Öa¦ùa¦¦a¦üa¦äa¦¦a¦öa+Ça¦Ña¦+a¦¡a¦üa¦êa¦¦a¦öa¦Pa¦¦a¦ía¦¢a¦+a+ëa¦í 2018 (1)

Annex 4 – Section 2 -TEMPLATE RFQ – Price schedule

Annex 4 – TEMPLATE RFQ for LTA secondary bidding_IT equipment_final

CO Procurement Plan template (1)

Procurement_training MPI_LWU

Request for Award Form (2)

value add tax law

Vendor performance evaluation form
07 Session – Direct Payment_Lao

Modalities_period of cash transfer
Annex_1_Sample Request for quotation

Annex_2_Sample Price list form Quotatio

Annex_3_Sample specification

Annex_4 check commercial Con_Terms

Annex_5 form monitoring RFQ sent to com

Annex_6 form monit receive RFQ from co

Annex_7 sample memo_Evaluation_Decision

Annex_8 sample form Notification winner

Annex_9 sample Contract Form

SBDs NRFQ GOODs sample DPIC August 28 2014
Reimbursement Authorization Request Form (RARF form)

SoP on Reimbursement for cash transfer Final
Distances of Lao_s Provinces X (1) (3)

English_DSA rates for government staff effective from 1 Jul 2019_Final

Lao version Harmonized UN DSA rate for gvt officials_28June19_effect1Jan2020

Letter for Sharing DSA CircularNo UNRCO_OL_2019_43 28Jun19

SOP lunch allowance coffee break internet package for full day online training participants-15 Oct 2021 (1)
DSA rates for government staff effective from 1 Jul 2019_Final (1)

Pre Post Evaluation form

PSEA IP manager training final_PSEA_Lao-8-10 June 2022