SDG indicators

Around 60% of the indicators of the 8th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (8th NSEDP 2016-2020) and its Monitoring and Evaluation framework, which have been endorsed by the National Assembly in April 2016, are linked to SDG indicators. The Government has finalized a handbook for the 8th NSEDP Monitoring and Evaluation framework, including reference to responsible parties for monitoring of each indicator, and indication of the frequency of monitoring and reporting.

The first Voluntary National Review on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of Lao PDR was published and presented at the High-Level Political Forum by the Government in 2018. Following the success, the Government has continued to localize the SDG indicators to ensure that they are relevant to the national context. As of 6 June 2019, The Government has endorsed 238 SDG indicators during the National SDG Steering Committee Meeting held on 11 June 2019. Among these indicators, 102 are “same as global”, 60 “adapted” and 76 “additional”. This list of the SDG indicators is intended to be a living document that can be revised to reflect the on-going circumstances of the country’s development.

More information on the SDG indicators:

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