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Children at school in Luangprabang. Photo: UNICEF Lao PDR

The Ministry of Education and Sport chairs the Education Sector Working Group. Australia and the European Union are Co-Chairs. 

At the policy level, the major focus throughout 2015 was on developing the Education Sector Development Plan (ESDP) 2016-20 and updating the Education Law. The ESDP 2016-20 was based on an agreed Theory of Change, with 11 outcomes supporting the overall goal.

These outcomes are consistent with the internationally agreed fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) which focuses on education quality improvements. A comprehensive financing plan to cost the ESDP 2016-20 was also developed.

Read more in the Education Sector Working Group 2016 Progress Report.

Sub-Sector Working Groups

The Education Sector Working Group includes four Sub-Sector Working Groups:

  • Basic Education
    Chair – Department of Primary and Pre-Primary Education, Ministry of Education and Sport, Co-Chairs – UNICEF, Save the Children International Laos
  • Post-Basic Education
    Chair – Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Sport, Co-Chairs – GIZ, Asian Development Bank
  • Education Management, Administration & Performance Assessment
    Chair – Department of Inspection, Ministry of Education and Sport, Co-Chairs – European Union, JICA
  • Education Research & Analysis
    Chair – Department of Planning, Ministry of Education and Sport, Co-Chair – World Bank

SWG Secretariat Contacts

  • Mr Anoupheng Keovongsa, Head of Project Management Division, Department of Planning, MoES, Tel: 020 556 10348 / 5556 7390
  • Ms. Clemency Olipant, First Secretary-Development Cooperation, Australia Embassy, Tel: 021 353800 Ext: 142